Three Actors

Joe Von Bokern (Chicago, IL)

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Joe Von Bokern

BIO: Joe Von Bokern hails from The People’s Republic of Boulder, CO, and is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado’s theatre performance program. During his time in the rectangle state, he was recognized with two Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nominations for his work in CU shows, and appeared in several productions with Boulder Broadway Co. and Coal Creek Community Theater.

In 2007, Joe came to Chicago to pursue a career in performance, and has since appeared in a number of regional theatrical productions, including several original works. At the recommendation of his friends and roommates, he began studying long-form improvisation in 2009 and is a proud founding member of Hugs and Pullups, the midwest’s most face-melting improv comedy troupe. When he’s not on stage, Joe enjoys biking, watching cartoons, and cheering for his beloved Rockies. Visit his official website at!

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Erin Cronican (New York, NY)

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BIO: Erin Cronican has been a New York City gal since 2005, by way of Los Angeles (where she got her BA in Theater/Acting from Pepperdine University) and San Diego (where she grew up, and subsequently earned her AEA, SAG & AFTRA cards.) Being bicoastal means she’s gotten to master many different performance crafts, most notably  musical theater, film, and TV (with a little “straight play” action thrown in for good measure.) Her favorite thing in the world to do is sing, and her favorite medium to work in is on-camera. Movie musical, anyone?

When not taking over the left coast with her triple threat talents (of beer swilling, cheese eating, and Padres cheering) — she spends much of her time as Founder/Coach with The Actors’ Enterprise – a day job she dreamed up for herself which combines her vast experience in corporate & non-profit marketing with her intense passion for helping actors feel more empowered in their careers. As if that weren’t enough, she’s creating work for herself and others as Managing Director of The Seeing Place Theater; and Founder/Artistic Director of the ACTOR-OWN Musical Reading Series. You can learn far more about the ways she overextends herself, and laugh at funny videos in the process, by visiting her website at

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Ben Whitehair (Los Angeles, CA)

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BIO: Ben Whitehair hails from Colorado where he spent time as a homeschooling cowboy, a web designer, and an entrepreneur. He graduated summa cum laudefrom the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Theatre, Political Science, and Leadership. His favorite colors are blue and green, his favorite number is 13, and his favorite ice cream mix-in is heath bar.

Since moving to Los Angeles Ben has starred in films that have premiered at film festivals all across the country. When he is rich and famous he plans to solve global hunger, buy a toilet made out of solid gold, and try to wrangle a date with Natalie Portman. Ben’s reel, headshots, contact information, and embarrassing baby pictures can be found on his website at

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