Ask for What You Want

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Today’s tip: ask for what you want. Seriously. Just do it. Raise your hand and speak up. What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen? My guess is that the very worst is that some person you barely know is miffed for like 3.4 seconds before they go back to worrying about how to celebrate the Broncos stunning record of 5-0. When you drive to pilates class the worst that could happen is YOU COULD DIE. So who cares if you ask for something and don’t get it? Life still goes on.

Step 1 is obviously figuring out what that is. This gets in to all the goal setting stuff, but the main key here is to be as specific as possible. Bad example: I want to be on TV. Good example: I want to get cast as a guest star on Glee this season. One of those goals has some obvious next steps, the other does not.

I, for example, desperately need to become eligible for SAG. So what do I do? I tell every single person I talk to.

Cute Barista at Starbucks: Hey there, what can I get for you?
Me: An iced, venti chai and a SAG card.
Cute Barista at Starbucks: Uhh, we don’t serve that here…
Me: Really? That’s too bad. I’ll just take the SAG card to go then.
Cute Barista at Starbucks: No, we have the chai. I meant we don’t have the SAG cards. But my second cousin works for a 1st AD who hands out SAG vouchers like candy. Here’s their card…and my personal cell phone number.
Me: *winks sketchily*

Seriously, you never know who might be able to help you out (and most people want to help, we like to feel needed). And how can people help you if they don’t know what you want?!?

I want your comments (you could start by commenting on what you want…you never know who’s reading this blog), and for you to refer this blog to 1 actor you think might benefit. Thanks! Now off to acting class…

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