Big Things Happening!

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Hey everyone!

Joe, Emily, and Ben here. We wanted to give you a few updates


First and foremost, we are continually humbled by the responses and readership that we get on this blog. For three little actors to get tens of thousands of hits is just silly. You guys should probably get out more, but we’re glad that you don’t. 🙂

New Design

We asked, you responded, we listened. We polled you, our readers, about designing a new header image for our website and here you have it. (Look up, silly.) It’s kinda pretty, huh?

In addition to the new header image, we have pulled some fancy web shenanigans with the help of Chicago-based actor, improviser, and web guru Brian Vabulas and totally revamped the look and feel of the website. Some added features:

  • Cleaner design
  • Drop-down menus to make it easier to get to our information, as well as some additional information on each of the cities that we continue to compile
  • Easier links to our facebook page, newly created twitter account, and our rss feed
  • A new contact page where you can send us thoughts, questions, blog post ideas, whatever

Note: For those of you reading this on Google Reader or something similar, please take a second to visit our actual blog and take a look.

Quality not Quantity

From the start, we’ve been dedicated to quality over quantity. Your time is limited, so we won’t post anything if it’s not good. With that said, now that more people than just our parents are reading this thing, we’re going to move to a slightly more regular schedule:

Monday: Joe posts
Wednesday: Emily posts
Friday: Ben posts

However, if any of us don’t have anything worthy to post on that day, then we don’t. Again, quality over quantity.

New Slogan

On that note, thanks to a suggestion by the immensely talented Amro Salama, we have changed our logline to “3 Actors. 3 Cities. 1 Passion.” We still hope to have “thousands of stories” at some point, but really what ties us all together is the incredible passion we have for this thing called acting.

Broken Links

Because we moved to a new server, some of the links in our past posts (say that 10 times fast) are broken. If you find one (or more) of those, please go to our contact page and let us know!

Shorter Link

Our primary URL, can sometimes be hard to remember, so we went ahead and purchased Perhaps that will be easier to remember (or tweet!) when you tell all your friends about us.

Lots of Love…

We are SO thrilled that doing something that we love has provided others with value. PLEASE continue to comment (it’s the only way we know you’re actually reading), disagree, send us your thoughts and ideas, and above all else, follow your bliss.


Joe, Ben, & Emily