I’m Not Dead

Jan 30, 2012 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Attitude, Three Actors

I’m not dead. Seriously. In fact, I’m more alive than ever.

I’ve had some incredible things happen in my life and in my acting career in the past couple months, and I’m excited to share them with you all. I’m also committed to doing the second in the series of blog posts on actor websites, a blog post on actor resumes, and of course posts on my annual review. And I am committed to doing a blog post a week this year. Please support me in this by hounding me each week if you haven’t seen a post and letting me know what you might be interested in me writing about.

So why the absence on the blog? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Mostly it’s that I’ve been focusing an incredible amount of time and energy on myself as a person, and my ways of being. For some reason I feel like that work isn’t necessarily related to my acting career and I feel somewhat weird posting about my own spirituality, philosophy, and thoughts on human behavior.

When I look at it, though, these are all at the core of acting. They are the subjects we get to focus on as artists. Beyond that, perhaps the most important way to progress in your career as an actor and in your work, is to better yourself.

We actors get hired for our energy. The essence we bring into a room and onto a screen; that’s what people are paying us for. And if we aspire to make hundreds, thousands, or  hundreds of thousands of dollars as an actor then it follows we must have extraordinary energy. We must be willing to go places others are afraid to go, and in so doing give them permission to go there as well.

Looking at myself, for example, I intend to get paid millions of dollars to act in feature films. If that’s what I want, and actors get hired for our essence, energy, and ways of being, then focusing on improving and developing those is imperative. What type of person excites and inspires others enough that they will pay them millions of dollars? Someone who is completely open, alive, vulnerable, dynamic, interesting, interested, creative, joyful, the list goes on. Until we are embody those traits, we are unlikely to attain our loftiest goals.

We often view this the other way around…once I’m a movie star I will be happy. Once I have that car/TV show/boyfriend/girlfriend/tomagotchi I will be satisfied. Once something happens to me or I get something, I will be fulfilled. The great news is that it works the other way around. Once you are happy, fulfilled, joyous, etc. you will begin to behave in ways that will lead you to the things you aspire to. This is exceedingly exciting because it means we can move towards and attain those things right now. In this moment. As we shift our attitudes and behaviors, then we get the things we want. You have the power, you don’t have to wait for something or someone to happen to you. You get to create it.

Those are my musings for the moments. Lots more to come. As always, love to hear your thoughts and comments…reminds me I’m not writing into a void. 🙂

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