Be Easy…

Jan 25, 2010 by     No Comments    Posted under: Marketing, Thousands of Stories

…to contact that is. The fewer obstacles you put in the way of you and someone who might potentially cast you the better.

So what does this mean? As an example, I’m on IMDb, twitter, facebook, linked in, myspace, YouTube, I have a facebook fan page, and I of course have my own website. I have the “” email addresses for gmail, yahoo, and the like. (As a side note, please do yourself a favor and have an easy-to-remember email address.) You can also call my acting line directly from my website (here or here). Furthermore, I have a link to my website and direct contact information listed at all of those places wherever possible. You’ll also notice that the URLs of all those sites have my name in name (this is called a “vanity URL” for you non-nerds out there).

Being on all those sites accomplishes a few goals:

  • It makes it really friggin’ easy to find and contact me
  • It keeps anyone else from using those URLs (links)
  • It keeps me on top of any google search for “Ben Whitehair”

Now I don’t recommend promoting every single one of those, but it doesn’t hurt to have them. I personally promote my personal website (which links to all those things) the most because I have the most control over that content, and can use it as a driver if people want to connect elsewhere. I also promote my IMDb page, because the more people click on it, the more “popular” I am. 🙂

All of this to say that you’d be surprised how quickly someone will give up trying to find you if you’re hard to find. Be smart and safe with what contact information you put on the internet, but make sure if someone wants you on set tomorrow, they won’t have to look very far.

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