IMDb Part 3: Your Profile

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Your Profile on IMDb

As you now know, signing up for IMDb Pro is a must.  Now that you’re paying for it, you might as well keep your 3 best, most up-to-date headshots up there. Yet another place to market yourself. It makes your profile look that much more professional, and people are far more likely to click on your profile from a movie page if they see your picture.

It is possible to fill out your full resume on IMDb, listing whatever you want. I’ve heard a couple people say that you might as well to show stuff that isn’t listed. However, I have heard from some legitimate casting directors (tangent: always take into account the source of your information) that listing your full resume on IMDb is a very amateur thing to do. Again, do your best to get whatever you can listed on your actual page.

Reel (this section added on 12/10/10)

You can also upload your demo reel if you have an IMDb Pro account. Visit this page to upload your reel. Because IMDb is probably the first place other professionals will look you up, it is extremely beneficial to have your reel on IMDb (as long as it’s good of course).

Vanity URL
I’m a huge proponent of vanity URLs (ex:, as it makes it easy to find you. It also makes it a lot easier to use the URL on business cards, email signatures, etc. It’s very rare for someone to type in a lengthy or confusing URL from a business card or other printed media. An easy-to-remember URL is a whole other story.

To get your vanity URL, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the box in the upper right of the page
  3. Click on the big “edit resume” button in the upper right
  4. If you already have any of your resume entered, click on any of the “edit” buttons on the page.
  5. The “Vanity URL” menu link should be there on the top left of the menu

Nerd Note: I’ve heard of some browsers having issues with the vanity URL. To help avoid problems, always include “http://” at the beginning of the link.

You can submit your birthday to IMDb which then lists your age. There are a couple schools of thought on publicizing your age, but that’s another blog post. Just know that once you give them your birthday it’s very hard (read: impossible) to have it taken off.

It’s advisable for all actors to have a fairly brief bio that fits with their marketing and gives a sense of their personality.


IMDb probably won’t get you a job, but if used properly it just might help get you in the room. The more and better projects you have officially listed on IMDb the better. The lower (or closer to #1) your starmeter the better. Again, you still have to deliver in the room but all of this adds legitimacy to you as a professional actor.

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