IMDb Part 4: Recent Updates and Your Bacon Number

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Recent Updates to the Internet Movie Database

Bacon Number

Let’s start this off with the coolest feature of IMDb, which I have only recently discovered. The Bacon Number.

Ben Whitehair's Bacon Number. Word.

How do you see how many steps you are from Kevin Bacon, you ask? Go into IMDb Pro and click on “Trivia” in the “Personal Details” section in the menu on the left. If, and only if, you are indeed connected to Kevin Bacon through your IMDb credits, your Bacon Number will show up on the right hand side of the screen. Awesome on a stick.


Linking Your Blog and Twitter

If you have IMDb Resume you can now populate your IMDb profile with links to your recent blog updates and/or your twitter feed. To do this, simply sign in to edit your IMDb Resume page, and click on “Twitter and Blog” in the menu on the left. Follow their (surprisingly helpful) instructions.

General sidenote: You know that things like twitter, your blog, (and even facebook) can be accessed by people other than you, right? You know that these things are in public, right? Ok, great. Now please stop writing how you hate your agent, or think so and so is a dick (unless they really deserve it), or how you hate the business. It’s hurting you, and it makes everyone else look bad. Stop it.

Photos…Lots and Lots of Photos

Again, if you have IMDb Resume, you can now upload 100 photos to your IMDb account. Word to the wise, however, don’t go uploading a bazillion headshots. A few will be fine. Use the extra photos to put up pictures of you on the red carpet, talking with industry folks, or pictures of you on set. You might also put a picture of you with your puppy. People love puppies.

Hiding Your Age

Ok, we get it. You think you still like 17 and don’t want anyone to know your age. First of all, know that once your birthday is on IMDb, there’s no getting it off completely. Get over it. However, when you’re logged in to IMDb resume you can click on “Control my Details” on the left, and remove the following from the pro side of IMDb:

  • Age/Birthdate
  • Also Known As
  • Awards
  • Biography
  • Height
  • Salary

Now, these things still show up on the non-pro, public side of IMDb, but most industry people will be opening your profile in IMDb Pro anyway, so this should help assuage your age-related concerns.

Webseries Category

As detailed in this article from Tubefilter, it appears that IMDb will finally be creating a web series category. Hopefully this means all you folks who are creating your own legitimate web videos will have an easier time getting them listed on ye olde Database of Internet Movies.


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