Audition: punkplay (Pavement Group)

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This afternoon at 4:15 pm I auditioned with the amazing folks at Pavement Group for their 2010 production of punkplay by Gregory Moss. The play centers around two young men growing up in 1985, when the punk rock movement was a big influence in adolescent development. One of the boys, Duck, is the “I don’t get along with my dad because I’m a punk rebel” type, and the other one is the “I’m a good kid searching for a purpose and an identity” type. Can you guess which one I was called to read for?

One thing about me: I’m not the best at auditioning. Something about the entire process gets in my head and makes me panic before I even enter the room. It was one of my biggest notes in college, and it’s the one thing I’ve been trying the hardest to improve. Whether presenting a memorized monologue or reading from the script, I just sorta…leave a little to be desired.

Overall, today’s audition felt fine. I had my usual pre-audition mini-panic attack, during which I struggled to breath a little. I had prepared the sides they e-mailed me, so that was at least something. The auditors (members of Pavement Group’s board) were incredibly friendly, which let me be confident, smiling, and giving them the best “Me”. But after all was said and done, I was left with the familiar feeling of “Shit, I could have done better than that! Hey, lemme try again!” But alas…

I got off the train at Addison and proceeded on foot toward my apartment. As I walked, I thought, “Where do I go from here?” Indeed, a life in theatre has its ups and downs, but surely there must be something I can do to improve. A “Next Step.” Some logical move to make…

“Give me a sign, somebody!”

As I reached my block, I saw a young man about my age walking down the sidewalk toward me with the middle and ring fingers of each hang stuck into the sides of his mouth. He was trying to whistle. Air kept blowing through his fingers, but no sound came out. His eyes were fixed on the sidewalk ahead of him as he continued to blow and blow, intently but without success. As I walked past him, I couldn’t help but feel a little better.

“If he keeps those fingers in his mouth like that,” I thought, smiling to myself, “it’s just gonna happen eventually. He’ll get it.”

Cue cheese-ball music.


PS – I just took an online test to see if I was a Sociopath. It said I’m only 40% sociopathic, which I guess was a good result…?

Hmmm…I think I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds for my own good.

Curse you, Mandy Patinkin! If I wasn’t so apathetic to human emotions and invested solely in my own interests, I’d blame you for making me think…