Fow Whom the Bell Cuckoos

Nov 14, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories

Since jumping headlong into the rehearsal process for Consortium Project’s upcoming production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, I’ve noticed a strange new satisfaction creeping into my life.

See, between rehearsals for One Flew and rehearsals/shows for two different improv troupes, my spare time has been…shall we say…extremely limited. But this is not a problem. In fact, if you know me, you know that I prefer to be running around like a maniac. But the strange part is that, even if I wanted to, I can’t take on any more projects right now!

A month ago, it seemed like I was auditioning every 5 minutes. Now, the thought of trying out for another show seems nothing short of absurd! I’ve been told the life of an actor offers little stability. My answer: do as much as you can and you’ll find yourself in a constant state of…well, constancy! I love it!

Speaking of Cuckoo’s Nest, I’m up early this morning for a 9am rehearsal in Logan Square. Because of the large cast size, we’ve essentially had to rehearse whenever everyone is available. Surprise surprise, this bunch of actors doesn’t have a whole lot planned at 9am on a Saturday! And, because I have a hard time trusting the CTA with just about anything, I’ve elected to ride my bike to and from the rehearsal space this morning. It’s only a 25 minute ride each way, but it’s a fantastic way to warm up the body for some good hard movement work. Additionally, it would be a crime not to take advantage of unseasonably good weather and save a couple bucks on bus fare at the same time!

If I’m gonna get up balls early on the weekend, I’m glad it’s for theatre. 🙂