LTFD – my crazy ass weekend

Sep 29, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories, Three Actors

Hopefully, like me, you have moments every so often (hopefully very often) where you stop, take a look around, and think to yourself

Acting is fucking awesome. My life rules.

I had several of these such moments this past weekend and wanted to share. Many of my posts will end up being focused on the business of acting and how to actually “make it.” But all of that is so that you can enjoy more of these beautiful moments that remind us of how beautiful life us…and maybe make us feel like a BAMF.


Sat: Was on set for roughly 12 hours getting to be a goofy friend (typecast anyone?) helping a number of (very attractive) female friends kidnap and torture a guy who raped one of our friends.

Sun: Got to set around 7am (quite early for me) for a short film that is going to be entered in a contest on Funny or Die. Basically, I got be a hyper-nerdy high schooler taking shots and hitting on Miss Moss, the hot teacher (who was played by a woman who apparently has been in Playboy).

As soon as we wrapped I went to the UCLA campus to rehearse for Dilated, in which I play a mercenary named Private Parts (tehe). After the read-through we got to spend a couple hours learning how to look like we actually knew how to use an M4 Assault Rifle. They will be filming this as a trailer, trying to get it turned into a feature. I’m going to get to ride around in legit military hummers, chase bad guys with an M4 like a badass, and be in a car chase.

And people ask me why I want to be an actor…

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