MEMO: “I’ve Got That Judging Feeling”

Sep 18, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories


I have gotten to the point where I just look at men on the street and categorize them instantly. Its an act of preservation for sure as the majority of them do not look at me, or, as most of my friends tell me, they look but I am just oblivious to it. It’s a side effect of becoming grossly consumed in one’s ipod selections and choosing to dance down the street as opposed to pay attention. Even with this illness, I still find the time to assess every male individual with whom I cross paths.

  • If they pay no attention to me whatsoever: girlfriend.
  • If they have a child: keep on walking.
  • If they look at me but are very well dressed and/or wealthy and/or kind looking at all and/or too beautiful: gay.
  • If they are sweaty, smoking, have no shoes on, and getting ready to go to sleep directly on the sidewalk: interested and ready to call me the Mrs.
And so,
I move forward.