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So, I was looking at some comments/feedback/questions posted on some of our latest blogs entries and I thought to myself – why don’t I ask the community some questions? Is there any harm in a little dialogue? A little tete-a-tete? A little reparté between colleagues and peers? I THINK NOT!

My question for today is this (a response to Joe’s blog on ‘who you know’):

Say, for instance, you are an “introverted, ‘love of the craft,’ actor” (which I say with the most love as I am one of these actors who is perhaps less versed in the business portion of the industry), or BRAND SPANKING new to a community (like all PVP’s actors). How, then, does one NETWORK? Its a big, loaded word. But let’s discuss. Shall we? Because, I have no advice for this column and I have no links for this column either. I am as clueless as anyone when it comes to this category of the industry. Specifically, I find myself confronted with doubt in trusting other people who may or may not be able to help me and plagued with self-consciousness when asking strangers for favors/hand-outs/etc. My relationships are ones built over years and with much trust, respect, and compassion – these do not happen overnight at industry mixers and schmooze events. At least not for me. How can I know who to trust? How can I protect myself and surround myself with GOOD people while still putting myself out there where I need to be? What to do? Dear Abbey: Network-less in New York needs your help!!!

K, discuss amongst yourselves. And…. GO!