Stuff I’m Not Good At (Yet)

Mar 30, 2010 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories

1. Tanning (Curse these English genes!)

2. Cooking (Damn these non-microwavable foodstuffs!)

3. Dancing (Blast these “in-desperate-need-of-a-GPS” feet!)

4. Film Acting (Confound these “stage-exclusive” chops!)

The first three I can deal with. That’s why God invented Hot Pockets, Dance Dance Revolution, and chicks who dig pale dudes. But no WAY am I about to settle for #4.

As of last Wednesday, I am enrolled in the On-Camera Training Program at Chicago’s The Green Room Studio, a training center for actors of all experience levels who are looking to brush up on their on-camera acting skills. According to their website, the program’s mission is to “not only educate actors in the skills required in on-camera acting, but to bring the actor to a place of full ownership of these tools.” you can learn more by visiting their website at

Seeing as how I’m still looking to find an agent, I figure this will be a huge step toward achieving my goals. But the real benefit comes in the form of education and experience, where I currently have none. Having attended our first class meeting, I can already tell that I’ll be learning and growing a TON over the next 8 weeks! I can’t wait to start feeling more comfortable in front of the camera, and I look forward to sharing the ups and downs with you!

Now, where can a fella get some Bagel Bites around here?…