The Benefits of Early Mornings

Sep 18, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Thousands of Stories

Due to my incredibly full schedule, I’ve found that the only time to make it to the gym is early in the morning before I go to work.

At first, the thought of this repulsed me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a morning person. I love being up early. But to make this work, I would have to be getting up at 5:30. That’s 5:30 AM, folks. Even the Sun doesn’t get his ass out of bed that early. But if you know me, you know that I’ve been dedicated to health and fitness lately, so I decided to give it a whirl.

The gym I attend offers free classes throughout the day every day. Some focus on cardiovascular training, others on specific muscle groups. Plus, the usual suspects are offered: yoga, pilates, etc. This past Sunday, I set a goal to attend a different class each morning this week.

What I’ve learned in the process:

  • It’s not that hard to get up super early. I highly recommend moving your alarm clock into your bathroom so that you can’t roll over and hit the snooze button when it goes off. Surprisingly effective…
  • I am the only guy at my gym that feels the urge to take 6:00am classes. I was the only male. All week long.
  • While taking a huge toll on your personal life (and, in the case of improv comedy, your ability to see shows), going to bed at 10:30pm ends up saving you a surprising amount of money. That said, I am still broke as f*ck once again. Please send any and all donations to 520 W Stratford #1E Chicago, IL 60657.
  • Working out in the morning is an incredible way to jump-start your day!

Needless to say, I will be revisiting this regimen next week!