Top Theatre Blogs (ya know, other than this one)

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Blogging for the performing arts is not a new invention. It has been done since the beginning of html’s and has advanced since the decrease of physical publications and this economy in general. There is so much information out there that is simply impossible and arrogant to assume that one blog can contain the end-all, know-all of this industry. Without further ado, I introduce to you a list. This list is the result of a 2009 survey that polled readers for their top 3 performing arts blogs/websites in the nation to read, love, and trust (ours is very new and thus, not mentioned on this list). However, we are a supportive group of artists who do not believe in every man/blog/actor for him/herself and, as a result, share this lovely list with you.

NOTE: This list is not categorized by location but alphabetized because, well, it just is. (You will also be able find this list on the TCG website which is linked on the cities page under NEW YORK once I, the trusty intern, finish posting it to that site as well.) Please also feel free to comment/add new blogs that you have found and love to this list and indicate why it is so utterly fantastic.
About Last Night
Adam Szymkowicz
Angry White Guy
Arena’s New Play Blog
Arena Stage
Arlene Goldbard
Art & Seek
Artful Manager
Arts Marketing
Artsy Schmartsy
Barry Hessenius
Beth Kanter
Big Cheap Theater
Blogsite Theater
Blue Avocado
Broadway in Chicago
Chad Bauman’s Blog on Arts Marketing
Chicago Plays
Chris Jones
Cleveland Play House
Cott Mail
Court Theatre
Creative loafing/local
Critical Condition
Dallas Morning News Arts Blog
Dewey 21C
Donor Power Blog
Don’t Tell the Donor
The Drama Queen (Miami Herald)
George Street Playhouse blog
Green Theatre
Guardian Theatre
Hartford Courant
Henslowe’s Diary
Kaiser on Huffington Post
Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog
LA Times The Envelope
LA Weekly Stage News
Leonard Jacobs
Local San Diego Union Tribune
Mike Daisey
Mind the Gap
The Mission Paradox
Museum 2.0
New Landscape in American Theatre
Nick Peterson’s
Nikki Fink – Deadline Hollywood Daily
The Non-Profiteer
Northlight Theatre
NY Times Artsbeat
Off Stage Right
Philanthropy News Digest
The Producers Propective
Rob Kozlowski
Richard Harwood
Seth Godin
South Florida Theatre Scene
Stranger Slog
TCG Weekly
Technical Directors Forum
Teresa’s Travel Blog
Theater Jones
The Theater Loop (The Chicago Tribune)
Theatre in Chicago
Theatre Mania
Time Out Chicago Kris Vire
Tuesday’s Blog
Your Brain on Art