VIDEO: Eyes on Fire

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Eyes on Fire, by Blue Foundation

The video has been shoot in the nightclub “The Black Hole”, in the Russsian city of Chelyabinsk. Located in the foothills of the Ural Mountains. During the Cold War the city did not appear on any official maps and was a closed off atomic zone, which produced tanks and the first atomic bomb of the Sovjet Union. For 45 years, Chelyabinsk, was closed to all foreigners and journalists . Only in January of 1992 did President Boris Yeltsin sign a decree changing that. For decades the atomic complex Mayak has let out radioactive water directly into the Techa – Chelyabinsk largest river. Scientists and enviromental organisations call the area ‘one of the the most polluted places’ on earth. Besides its warindustry, the city is has a very vibrant dance scene. (Director: Boris Bertram)

This isn’t my story but the song is beautiful and the video features dancer, Masha Greif, through a day of rehearsing, commuting, and performing. Sometimes, we perform because it is the act of performing that fills our souls and not the quality or conditions in which we perform them.

For a long time, I loved being on stage because I believed that I was escaping myself and was then free to be anyone that I wanted to be. I just didn’t want to be me. Now, I realize, the stage doesn’t allow you to hide yourself. The stage requires you to show even more of yourself than you ever imagined. Each character is a different and deeper part of your soul. Each dance, and song, and spoken line is a glimpse into a side of yourself that perhaps your closest loved ones do not often even get to see.

When you are lost and alone – this vulnerability becomes that much harder to share. Strength. Strength to all of my friends who are sharing his or her gifts and selves with the world.