Small Steps

Sep 17, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Three Actors

I enter a cavernous marble lobby through revolving doors, sign in at a large front desk, and wait for one of four elevators to zip me up to the 5th floor.


From here, I navigate a series of long, carpeted hallways in eerie silence, looking for suite 535.

Am I living out the nightmare future I dreaded in high school? Stuck in a suit and tie, headed to my cubicle for eight hours of being made to feel like just another cog in a grand corporate money machine?

I look down at my arms and legs. I’m wearing theatre blacks. Whew…

Suite 535 is the last place in the world you’d expect to find a theatre. I stuff my backpack under a chair in the back row of the house, and I sit down and wait for further instruction.

The stage I’m facing belongs to ActOne Studios, a popular theatre training center in Chicago. Appetite Theatre Company is using this performance space for their 6th annual series of short plays entitled Bruschetta, in which I play a small role. The show opens this Friday, and we’re in the midst of our tech week.

Most of the theatres I’ve played in so far have reminded me of the Acting Studio at CU: they seat about 50 people, have little or no backstage area, work best with sparse lighting/scenery, and leave plenty of room for audiences to use their imaginations. It’s not exactly the bright lights, but it’ll do for now.