Chicago Talent Agencies


The following is a list of union franchised talent agents in the city of Chicago. The list is not comprehensive by any means, because I have only included the offices that have good reputations. There are some agencies in this city that are notorious for failing to pay talent, or committing the cardinal sin of making actors pay up-front fees to be represented (a big no-no!). If you’re looking for a good agent in Chicago, start with this list!

*Occasionally, you’ll notice a person’s name appears as a link. I tried to dig up some old interviews with some of the agents listed below for your reading pleasure. 🙂

Shirley Hamilton, INC. 333 E. Ontario #302B Chicago, IL 60611

Shirley Hamilton – President
Laurie Hamilton – Print Agent
Adrian Day – Print Agent & V.O.
Michael McCracken – Theatre & On-Camera
Sanaa Sayyed – Live, Film, TV, Commercial
Lynne Hamilton-Wray – Director

Encore Talent Agency, INC. 2635 W. Grand Ave, Chicago IL 60612

Susan Acuna – President

Aria Talent 1017 W. Washington Blvd Suite 2C Chicago, IL 60607

Bob Schroeder – Director, TV/Film, Theatre
Donna Simon Dunn – Agent

Stewart Talent 58 W. Huron Chicago, IL 60610

Jane Stewart – President
Nancy Kidder – On-Camera Agent
Sam Samuelson – On-camera, Theatre Agent
Todd Turina – On-Camera Agent
Jenny Wilson – On-camera, Kids Agent
Joan Sparks – VO Agent
Sheila Dougherty – VO Agent
Kim Valkenburg – VO Agent
Wade Childress – Print Agent, adults
Kathy Gardner – Print Agent, kids

Big Mouth Talent 900 North Franklin Street Suite 709 Chicago, IL 60610

Lily’s Talent Agency, INC. 1017 W. Washington Blvd Suite 4F Chicago, IL 60607

Ambassador Talent Agents, INC. 333 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 910 Chicago IL 60601

BMG Talent 456 N. May St. Chicago, IL 60642

Geddes Agency 1633 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614