Chicago Websites


League of Chicago Theatres – My #1 website to find out about auditions, industry jobs, and discounted theatre tickets! Truly a fantastic resource for Chicago actors.

Theatre in Chicago – A great website to find cheap theatre tickets, and it features a very interesting podcast. Also good for finding auditions, though most of the postings can usually be found at the last site mentioned above.

Chicago Reader – The Reader is a popular publication, both online and in print, that features audition announcements for theatre, film, and music in its Classified section. Interestingly enough, I also found my current apartment through the Reader.

PerformInk – The good news? PerformInk is loaded with audition announcements. The bad news? You have to pay a dollar each time you visit. If you’re made of money, it’s a fine resource. I, for one, am not made of money.

Craigslist – Need I say more?