New York, NY

Welcome to the NY Page of Resources! I (Erin) have just taken over the NY blogging role as of 5/19/11, and I will be posting my favorite NY resources in the next week or so. In the meantime, please enjoy the resources that were suggest by previous PvsPB blogger, Emily.



  • Theatre Communications Group: This is where I intern for PR/Marketing and specifically devote my time to the Free Night of Theatre 2009 celebration event at Union Sq. on October 15, 2009.
  • SHOTZ! I am involved in this group of one act plays shorts created by a group of recent NTC graduates: Studio 12 Ensemble. We perform in a Loft in SOHO for 15$, free bar, and a fun, relaxed room filled with good souls and lots of talent. Its like a 24 hour play times 30.
  • FringeNYC : My good friend, Camille Harris’, show, The Muffin Man, was selected for an extended run. The Fringe Festival is enormous and runs for a large portion of the summer all over the city. Especially in times like these – if the work isnt coming to you, make it. You’re an artist, right?


  • cookbookcoverBabycakes!:  This is by far the best bakery that I have been to in my entire life. Double the points that this bakery is entirely vegan, kosher, and can be gluten free (except for products that use Spelt flour). Their menu includes cupcakes, loaves, cookies & cookie sandwiches (which are two cookies  sandwiching frozen icing), crumb cakes, sugar toasties (I cant even describe what these are – like fruit cake/coffee cake/bread), brownies, and much more. Its expensive but so worth it. You have to walk through streets covered in the scent of death to get to this place in the middle of nowhere but it is worth every step.
  • Candle 79 and Candle Cafe (East 79th and Lex, and East 81st and 3rd, respectively) – Candle 79 is the fancy date version of Candle Cafe’s delicious and laid back all vegan fare. Both are not cheap but they are also no disappointment. The best food I have had in my entire life. If I knew a rich man who enjoyed vegan cuisine and me – we’d definitely go here at least once a month.
  • Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch : THREE WORDS – sweet. potato. fries.
  • Green Bean Cafe/Beanocchio’s – incredible muffins, cookies, tofu taco, fruit salads, smoothies, and my daily dose of soy chai. Upper East Side – East 75th and York Ave.
  • Whole Foods Market (chain)


  • ACTORS ACCESS – Breakdown Services, Ltd. allows you to view breakdowns, submit yourself for roles, and get yourself out there in a safe and trusted manner. Many agents actually use this site so, when representing yourself, you are often competing with people who are 1) in unions, 2) have representation, and 3) possibly are big names. Either way, submit early and submit often. You will hear back from about 10% of the submissions you make on this site so up your chances by being aggressive, knowing your type, keeping your profile updated and relevant, and having impressive photos, reels, demos, and credits. There is only so much that you can control in this business so make sure that you have whatever you can prepare ready to go and a solid reflection of what you wish to show to the world. Cost: 68$ a year for submissions. Account: Free.
  • BACKSTAGE.COM – This is a breakdown service much like Actors Access. You create and online profile, upload up to 20 images, as well as a reel, demo tape, and voice over materials. Though this service is not strictly for theatrical positions, there are more of them than you might find on Actors Access or NY Castings. Cost: 134$ a year for submissions and account. You cannot view the detailed descriptions of projects if you are not a member.
  • PLAYBILL.COM – primarily advertises Broadway and Off-Broadway productions for ticket sales and tourism. However, under the JOBS tab you can find casting and job listings for both acting and theatre artist jobs. Contact information is provided and/or open call information is listed and it is all free of charge. Cost: FREE.
  • NYCASTINGS.COM – This is where I go for background, tv, commercial, and student film projects primarily. They also post legit film, theatre, dance, voice-over, industry, internet, and other mediums but they are less frequently updated than the first four. You can get alerts sent to your phone for the URGENT background castings that are updated throughout the day. Also, if you’re seeking Extra or Background work, visit GRANT WILFLEY! Cost: about 80$ a year for an account and all submissions.
  • ARTSEARCH.COM – This is a job listings site hosted by Theatre Communications Group which provides listings for theatre management, administration, PR, marketing, etc jobs. These are what I call real jobs. If you are like me though and upon moving to NYC you decide that you will only work in theatre related fields, this is a good resource for an income position that will allow you to do double duty and meet the people you need to know. Cost: about 60$ a year (does not include a subscription to American Theatre Magazine).


  • Jeremy Folmer
  • Peter Hurley: NOTE – this man is apparently THE MAN for Headshots in New York but he will cost you an arm and a leg (which I guess doesnt matter since they only want to see pictures of your head).
  • Eric Laurits



  • TKTS Booth – discount tickets: see shows often. This is your life as well as your career. Do not expect to grow if you do not wish to learn, observe, and evolve.
  • – how to get around on the subway, bus, and streets of New York City. Check frequently and pay attention in the tunnels: routes change and there is often construction and rerouteing particularly on the weekends. Don’t embarass yourself by being late for something when it could have been prevented by your merely paying attention and using your resources.
  • Ripley Grier: Studios to rent for rehearsals, auditions, classes. If it is at 520 8th Ave, your audition or rehearsal is legitimate and you can rest assured that you will not be showing up to someone’s bedroom or brothel. Speaking of which: